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  • Collecting Email

    Overlay For Collecting Email.

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About Us

Back2Cart brings customers back to your site by monitoring when they abandon their shopping carts, and sending them real-time, conversion-focused emails to persuade them to finalize their purchase.Back2Cart enables a customized and targeted pop-up to your website visitors.

Overlays can be displayed when a visitor is about to leave your website after a designated amount of time or when a visitor scrolls through a web page. Capture a new lead, gain a sale, or simply keep a visitor on your website longer with a pop-up that is customized according to your needs.


One of the most common use case of exit-intent technology is to reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion. If our exit-intent technology detects that the user is about to leave, we allow you to display targeted campaigns to the user such as: An invitation to chat with a support agent, A special discount offer to encourage on-spot purchase, An invitation to download your lead-magnet by joining your email list.


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Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by email on back2cart@graphenemedia.co.in